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“Jim has tons of industry experience and you can always rely that he will have an answer for anything. He is detail oriented and the customer is always his number one focus. It has been my pleasure working with him and being able to learn from his experience.”
– Marianna D. Burns
Equitable Advisors
“Jim Heiden is la crème de la crème in the insurance world. He is compassionate, intelligent and thinks outside of the box. I have worked with Jim in many roles since 2002. He displays an innate understanding of what is going on and is able to problem-solve in order to successfully maximize the outcome for his clients. He passionately fights for what is correct, fair and right.”
– Barbara Baldwin
- Retired General Adjuster, Hartford Insurance
“I have worked with Jim on several large losses. He is always professional, always willing to look as all aspects of the claim. Jim is always looking to do the right thing for the insured and is one who is truly looking out for the insured. I would recommend Jim to handle large losses.”
– Brian Haden
Haden Claims Services
“I have known Jim Heiden for 30 years. I have worked for him and with him on many occasions and he always amazes me with his knowledge, understanding and the intricacies of Claims Adjusting and the insurance world. His fairness and effort to complete an adjustment for the client and insured was always his goal. The process seemed second nature to him.”
– Glenn Rennemann
Executive General Adjuster, Sedgwick
“I had the pleasure of working with Jim as both my mentor and friend! Jim and I worked together on large-scale projects for over 6 years, during which Jim extended unending dedication and willingness to share and mentor. Jim is the ultimate people manager and will be an asset to any company. It’s without hesitation that I recommend Jim Heiden if you are looking for the best Certified General Adjuster, Consultant, or Expert Witness.”
– Brenda Clemens
Flood Field Manager, Crawford & Company
“As a litigation attorney, I retained Jim Heiden to assist a defendant client to evaluate the “alleged” damages a Plaintiff claimed his home had based upon a flooding issue from a tropical storm. Jim was a consummate professional, easy to work with, did what he said he was going to do and he always met deadlines. His work was excellent. He could explain in layperson terms some rather complicated concepts. He was able to make it understandable to those who were not familiar with all of the industry speak and vocabulary and I have referred him to others. I would not hesitate to refer him again.”
– Sylvia Golden Norris
Owner & Attorney, Sylvia Golden Norris, P.A.
“I met Jim a decade ago while working flood claims. His unique background provides industry knowledge from simple property claims to complex commercial claims. Jim has extensive experience at all levels. I would never hesitate to reach out to him for his professional perspective and insight when it comes to claims. Jim is the guy you want in your corner when it comes to defending your position.”
– Richard Folkman
Director of Flood Operations, Crawford & Company
“I have known Jim for over 15 years. He carries a wealth of experience and is a good person to stay connected with. There are many variables to consider when it comes to proficiency in an occupation as varied as adjusting. The one element that seems to be most challenging to define is the human response. There are many adjusters who are technically quite competent, and they are very capable of assessing damage and determining price and keeping track of the myriad of details required to sufficiently document a claim. Managing to do all that while keeping communication lines open and flowing is a much more challenging task. If I had to suggest one quality, I would say this is an area where Jim excels. He is a highly competent adjuster and he is also really good at staying in communication and listening to people, which is a huge factor. So if your primary concern is getting the claims done quickly or cheaply, you could probably engage many other adjusters. However, if your focus is on getting your claims completed with an emphasis on win / win, satisfactorily completion, you would be wise to give Jim a call.”
– Richard LaFosse
President & Owner, LaFosse LLC
“I had the pleasure of working with Jim on a high exposure federal court product liability matter. I found Jim to be not only extremely knowledgeable in his field, but he was able to provide me with guidance and a report, in a timely and cost-effective manner.”
– Howard Strongin
Partner & Co-Founder, Strongin Rothman & Abrams, LLP
“Jim worked for me as a National General Adjuster a few years ago. Jim is an expert in coverages, damages, and claim handling. He has great experience in damage assessment! He has been a General Contractor and can handle almost any claim.”
– Tom Bonnot
National General Adjuster, VeriClaim, Inc.
“In a significant property casualty loss case lawyers need an expert independent adjuster. Our law firm uses Jim Heiden of Adjuster Consulting. He knows the formulas and adjusting programs that the insurance companies use. He can spot errors and challenge faulty assumptions. Jim Heiden is detail-oriented which is a “must” in his line of work. He understands the insurance policies and more importantly how the adjusters think and approach a claim. In my view it is approaching legal malpractice not to have an excellent independent adjuster, like Jim Heiden, on your team for a large casualty loss.”
– Frank Chmelik
Partner & Attorney, Chmelik Sitkin & Davis P.S.